Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guinness book of world records

On Tuesday our community pool took part in a an attempt at the largest swim lesson at one time.
So all over the United states at the same time people attended a swim lesson.  Which means our swim lessons were at 10:55 in CA they were swimming at 7:55. 
I haven't heard if the record was broken yet.  But the kids did enjoy the time.
They broke the beginners up from everyone else.  I stuck the kids in the beginner because of their age, size and I wasnt sure how many instructors there would be.  I am happy to report Austin and Savannah no longer fall into beginner!  I know they swim a lot but not the correct way.
They learned safety tips which made it all worth it.
A few pictures of the event...many more people where there I just tried to get my kidds!

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