Saturday, June 8, 2013


Austin asked to do golf over the summer.  We kept putting it off, but he wouldn't let it go.  So we found a place pretty close and great pricing and gave it a try.  He is still doing it now in June.  He seems to like it and got pretty upset when we all told him he was too young to do the jrpga.  Next year maybe.  The pictures I have are from when he first started. 
Austin kept asking me to play with him, so I started to take lessons with him.  Oh that is something to see.  Me trying not to loose my patients with him when he starts to loose his attention.  Last week he just learned his long shot (me too!)  I am hoping to take him to a par 3 to play.  Up to now he hasn't played a game it's just been practice.  Which he is getting upset about.

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